The Burning        of the Sky


The Sixth Gate Music

Contributors of the music used in the trailer video. Check out more of their musics via the links below:

Chris Cooper

Table top war gamer with extensive knowledge of military history, equipment, gear, weaponry and vehicles.

Currently providing advice over game play mechanics and "realism" in terms of weaponry. Also know for providing copious amounts of hamburgers and chips.

David Rees

BA and MA graduate of Derby University. Currently providing assistance with writing style and structure.

Also will likely be forced, against his will, to write elements of the manual too (but only if he really has too!)

Steven "Derwydd3" Owen

Long term gamer of both P.C. and console games, with knowledge of military table top games, particularly Warhammer 40k and Warhammer itself.

Currently working on the regional manual and also foolishly agreed to be the website admin.

Christopher Udy

Expert in hardware and software, with years of experience in MMO gaming and some experience in  table top gaming.

Assisting with site admin and also play testing game mechanics.

Filip Dudek

Contributor of all of the manual and website art thus far. Check out more of his artwork on the below links:

David "SirDave23889" Williams

Experienced table top gaming with over a decade of experiences as a D&D DM.

Major contributor of much financing for the project and currently working on game mechanics section of the manual.

Team Members