Build an empire from the wastes of human civilization! The Burning allows players to take control of communities, manage and rebuild them and eventually raise forces to invade enemy territories.

The Burning utilizes a highly realistic gaming system that allows for players to be affect by changing temperatures, hunger and serious injuries. Eventually players will age and be replaced by their children or friends.

Hunt to survive!  Food and water are essential in the Burning. Players will need to consume both each day to survive but be careful what you eat! Infections are an ever present dangerous in the post-Burning world!

The Burning of the Sky


The Burning of the Sky is a free to play tabletop game set in a world which has been ravaged by a strange phenomenon know commonly as the Burning or the Burning of the Sky. The game takes place roughly thirty years after the event has occurred at a time when human civilization is desperately trying to rebuild itself.

What happens next to humanity is up to you.  Players will be able to roam across the wastelands of North America exploring abandoned ruins, fighting to survive, hunting for food and gaining experience or it they so chose they will also be able to carve an empire out of the ashes of human civilization. More detailed information of game play mechanic are available on the "Game Details" page.

The Burning is set in a post-apocalyptic world littered with the ruined husks of cities, long forgotten military bases and disused arms facilities, providing almost endless opportunities for exploration.

Music Copyright The Sixth Gate Music

Copyright © Steven Owen




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Illustrations by Filip Dudek

The Burning        of the Sky