The Burning        of the Sky

The first PDF versions of the game can be find via the links below, just click on the icons. Please note, although the game is free, all information, rules and cannon contained within these files are still subject to U.K. copyright laws. In other words, please ask before using, borrowing or copying our stuff!

Character Creation

The Burning of the Sky has now entered the play testing phase! Thus far the game is still in an "alpha" level of development, character creation, damage tables and weapon types are all in their early stages and will likely changed over time.  However, the game has now begun play testing of these very basic mechanics.

If you are interested in play testing the game independently and would like to provide feedback or if you would like to be associated with one of the existing tester groups, then please feel free to contact me via the website email address. We play test via Discord or Skype so anyone outside the U.K. can join in although please bare in mind that we will be play testing during Greenwich mean time, which may be difficult for so people.

Alpha Game - Play Testers Needed!

Damage & Weaponry