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About Us - Nos Da Games

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The name Nos Da, literally means "Good Night" in Welsh, and was originally the name of a D&D group that a number of our members were associated with. Nos Da are a small group of hobbyists, mainly from the South Wales area, we aren't a gaming company, we're amateur gamers with a passion for all things relating to gaming in all its various forms.

Our goal is to create a free to play table top gaming system that incorporates traditional R.P.G. with more complicated gaming elements, and a highly flexible gaming system, allowing players to have the gaming experience that they want. Since we are a group of amateurs this does mean there are a number of pro's and con's.

The main pro is that we are genuinely interested in what gamers want and what gamers have to say. Any idea or concept that gamers suggest will be taken into consideration, and if possible, will be incorporated into the manual. The other major pro's is that since we aren't a company the manual will be free to download once completed.

The main con of course is that being amateurs we cannot contribute ourselves fully to the project, most of us have full time jobs, meaning that the manual will likely take some time to complete. Currently we've put a rough estimate of 2 years minimal till completion, likely longer if we need to make any major changes. Also artwork for the manual may be limited due to funding.

"Holl amrantau'r sêr ddywedant           "All the stars' twinkles say
Ar hyd y nos                                                All through the night
Dyma'r ffordd i fro gogoniant,                This is the way to the realm of glory,"
Ar hyd y nos.                                               All through the night."

Ar Hyd y Nos